Morning Musings…

Another cold morning and the snorchestra from the other side of the bed has allowed me some quiet moments in another room to plan my day. With a predicted high temperature of nearly zero, leaving our cozy home for errands is not too appealing. As a child, the temperature outside was never a consideration, but these days cold, snow and ice makes me think twice about heading outside. I prefer my bones to remain in the places they are and not be jostled nor broken while I traverse the yard in search of something.

Only a few weeks ago we vacationed in a warmer climate, basking in sunshine and enjoying tropical ‘adult’ beverages…those memories with good friends, laughter and lively discussions warm me today. I marvel at how my mind works, how it stores information to be utilized in routine tasks (like making meals, operating the dishwasher, driving the car) and yet can fail me when I want to recall someone’s name or a book I’ve just read! But I digress…warm weather memories have assisted in my planning to spend the day enjoying my watercolors, putting brush, paint and water to paper and try to capture a tropical moment from our travels.

Thank you Lord, for giving me this new day and opportunity to express myself in new ways. I am blessed!

Retirement Ramblings 2015/1

What a whirlwind of activity these months of retirement have brought! I’m happy and busy, but if you were to ask what I’ve been up to it would be difficult to specify. Traveling -sometimes, reading – a little, caring for the Grands – lots and loving it! Attending a few water painting classes and playing with this new experience is something I’ve always wanted to do and have been fortunate to dabble in this endeavor.

I started this blog over a year ago, then lost interest and/or enthusiasm but now I hope to continue on a regular and consistent basis. Personally I think it’s valuable to continue to challenge myself in hopes of avoiding aging, but growing in years instead! I hope you readers will comment and offer your input as part of my attempts.

There’s No Place Like Home…

Wanderlust can be a double edged sword.  It can be exciting to travel to new places and explore different cultures but at the same time you may be missing the comfortable surroundings of being at home. I am blessed to have family support my urge to travel. And these blessings multiply when I return home and they are happy to see me!

I often think of how I would feel or act if I wouldn’t be allowed to travel as in some countries women do not have as many freedoms. Or what my reaction would be if members of the family were apathetic or even nonchalant about my return home.

Whether it’s because I’m spoiled or blessed… or a combination of the two, I’m happy. I love my life and the people in it. What a boost to morale these thoughts are!!


One of the best kept secrets of being parents is that one day your children have children,  making you a grandparent. I recall the first time holding this new little person  and peering into that tiny face. Ah…the emotions nearly made me burst! I didn’t  know how much love I could give until the arrival of each of our Grands. We have been blessed with Bonus Grands as well – 6 in all ranging from 18 to 2 years old. With each arrival whether in groups or individually my heart stretched further in love. 

In the future it would be great to have all 13 Grands together in one place. With 3 in Sweden, 1 graduating from high school this spring and the others involved in their busy lives that hope appears pretty remote for now. While not impossible,  it just isn’t feasible for this moment in time…but I can still hope for it to occur! 

Grands are, without a doubt,  absolutely grand!!!


Good, Better, B…

Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
And your better is best!


My grandmother spoke these words often through the years as I was growing up. She lived with our family and her influence had a big impact on me. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this at the time, but now that I’m nearly a full year into retirement I have become more aware of her guiding force.


Thanks Gran for sharing important values by your words and example!